Terms and conditions
Element Joiner
1. Use of Application

The Element Joiner application is intended solely for the purpose of creating junctions between Architectural and Structural elements automatically. Users may only use the application for this intended purpose.

2. User Information

The Element Joiner application does not collect any user information.

3. Data Storage and Privacy

The Element Joiner application does not store any user data. We are committed to protecting user privacy and will not share any user information with third parties.

4. Prohibited Conduct

Users are prohibited from using the Element Joiner application for any illegal or unauthorized purpose. Users are also prohibited from violating any applicable laws or regulations.

5. Dispute Resolution

Any disputes between users or between users and the company will be resolved through informal negotiation between the parties. If informal negotiation is not successful, the parties may seek mediation or arbitration.

6. Termination of Account or Access

The company reserves the right to terminate any user account or access to the application at any time and for any reason without notice.